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Southwest Tennessee Community College

Southwest Tennessee Community College (STCC) is situated in Memphis, Tennessee.

This primarily two-year school has several features that provide benefits to their students:
1. The classes are small in size
2. The programs are fully accredited
3. The quality of faculty is amongst the best in the state.
4. The cost for each particular program is nominal.
5. The admissions in the college are open and are done early.
6. The university has a wide range of degree programs.
7. The certificate programs offered are in a broad variety.
8. There are multiple centers, campuses and teaching locations.
9. They also have advanced study through their Honors program.
10. The school has a strong academic development service program.

STCC also deals in special or particular programs in criminal justice, fine arts, nursing, information and technology.

Several other programs like health sciences, business studies and automotive technology are also there.

STCC offer non-credit continuing education courses throughout the year.

There are seminars and workshops that are conducted by various people on diverse topics.

The corporate Training and Continuing Education Program of the university provides training and skills knowledge to groups and individuals.

The community programs of the college provide lifelong learning to its students.

STCC provides education and professional development opportunities by targeting specific audiences.

They provide facilities of conferences, seminars, public forums and some other short courses which expands the knowledge and skill of the students who are connected with the university.

Southwest university has two main campuses and other sites located near other community areas.

The university gives importance on activities which involve all the segments of community regardless of age, ethnic, social or economic background of a student.

Various fun activities are also offered by the university which includes outdoor games- golf, dance, floral designing, and motorcycle riding to allow students to have some fun and recreation.

Several libraries facility are provided to the students which contain wide variety of books on particular topics.

Students who have trouble affording tuition may be given financial aid or scholarships.

Hope and transfer scholarships are provided to the students of southwest university.

The university's foundation also give out scholarships.

The university staff is always happy to help the students and improve their skill.

The school strives to promote a friendly relation between students and faculty.

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Joliet Community College offers an associate degree program along with several certificate of completion courses.
Diablo Valley is a community college in Pleasant Hill, California, where you can earn an AS degree in Hospitality Studies with a specialization in baking and pastry, restaurant management or culinary.
UW - Platteville has a complete four-year Animal Science and Agribusiness department, but no specific culinary programs.

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